To Receive Your Scholarship

Scholarships presented through the Foundation are awarded at the Scholarship Awards and College Signing Ceremony, usually the week before graduation. At that time you will be presented with a letter indicating the donor and amount of each scholarship.

To utilize the monies from your scholarship, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Mail, email ( or fax proof of registration or schedule, copy of thank you note(s), and  copy of award letter(s) to the Foundation, and clearly indicate your name, address and student identification number. 
  2. After the Drop-Add period, the Foundation will fund one-half of the monies from each scholarship for each semester enrolled.
  3. Please be sure to send a thank-you note to your donor with a copy to Foundation.
  4. The deadline to utilize the monies is March of the year following graduation.
  5. Monies may be used at community colleges, universities and certificate programs such as Corrections Officer or Medical Technician.