Donor Addresses

All students who receive funds from Dixie Education Foundation (donor-funded) scholarships will be required to write a thank you letter to the donor(s) for the scholarship and submit a copy to the Foundation.  

The Foundation scholarships are made possible by generous contributions from donors who believe in the importance of a college/career education and want to invest in your future. By writing a thank you letter, you demonstrate that you are the kind of student they can be proud to support. Hearing from scholarship recipients is also very meaningful to donors. It allows them to obtain a glimpse of how the gift has made a difference in the life of a student. Your words remind donors of the impact of their scholarship gift. Many of them continue to give additional scholarship funds because they know their gifts are deeply appreciated and that they are helping deserving students realize their potential.

Person   Scholarship Address
Kathryn McInnis   Alton Land Memorial 237 NE 705 Street, Old Town, Florida 32680
Tina M. Boyd   American Legion #383 Inc PO Box 220, Old Town, FL 32680
Debbie Dembo   Ameris Bank PO Box 5000., Cross City, Florida 32628
Tammy Gardner   AFLAC Insurance  PO Box 912, Chiefland, Fl 32644
Anderson Family Group   Anderson Family Trust P.O. Box 38, Old Town, FL 32680
Andy Lee   Andy’s Pump Service and Well Drilling 450 SE 138th Avenue, Old Town, Florida 32682
Bush Family   BACK fighting Cancer 11354 NE 349 Hwy, Old Town, FL 32680
Richie and Myah Koschatzky   Brooke and Riley Koschatzky PO Box 1832, Cross City, Florida 32628
Dewayne Top Rollison   Bug Master Pest Control P.O. Box 1319 , Cross City, FL 32628
Kevin St. Laurent   Campbell Gobal, ,LLC 14337 NW 19, Cross City, FL 32628
Jennifer Thompson   Capital City Bank CC Employees PO Box 1149, Cross City, FL 32628
Jennifer Thompson   Capital City Bank Foundation PO Box 1149, Cross City, FL 32628
Jessica and Dale Swails   Carla’s Pink Miracle in honor of Carla Swails 15241 NW Hwy 19, Cross City, FL 32628
Holly Reed Stemple/ Chad and CJ Reed   Chad Reed Memorial/ Giving Back 1066 Ne 351 Hwy, Cross City, Fl 32628
Melody Rollison   Cheek’s Pharmacy, Inc. PO Box 5020, Cross City, FL 32628
Daniel Cherry   Coach Daniel Cherry and Family 491 NE 82nd Avenue, Old Town, Fl 32680
April Barber   Class of 1998 PO Box 94, Old Town, Florida 32680
Frances Robinson   Council of Catholic Women 18278 SE Hwy 19, Cross City, FL 32628
Patela   Dairy Queen Cross City, Florida
Dana Hodge   Dana’s Restaurant PO Box 2217, Cross City
Daryle and Barbie Higginbotham   Daryle and Barbie Higginbotham 1367 NE 188 Avenue, Old Town, Florida 32680
Lindsey Whittington   DCEA PO Box 910, Cross City, FL 32628
DEF   DEF, Inc-memorial scholarships PO Box 2655, Cross City, FL 32628
Bob and Dottie Leichner   Dixie Music Center/ Pee Wee Welton Scholarship 26626 SE 19 Hwy, Old Town, Florida 32680
Carol West   Dixie Chamber of Commerce PO Box 547, Cross City, FL 32628
Sherry Ragsdale   Dixie Co Historical Society 761 SE 349 Hwy, Old Town, FL 32680
Rollison   Dixie Co Little League PO Box 2328, Cross City, FL 32628
Dana Johnson   Dixie Co. Rotary Club PO Box 1409, Cross City, FL 32628
DEF   Dixie Community Services PO Box 2655, Cross City, FL 32628
Melissa Long   Dixie County Cattlemen Association 441 SE 147 Ave, Old Town, FL 32680
Skip Lynar   Dixie County Republic Party PO Box 1852, Cross City, Fl 32628
Rita Harris  

Dixie Cub House ” Foundations of Education”

149 NE 222nd Avenue, Cross City, Florida 32628
Kristen McCaskill  

Dixie District Employees Anderson Elementary

815 SE 351 Avenue, Cross City, Florida 32628
Karen Tillis   Dixie District Employees OTE 221 SE 136 Avenue, Old Town, FL 32680
Chris Lord   Dixie District Employees RRMS 981 SE 351 Hwy, Cross City, Florida 32628
Becky Bussard   Dixie FFA Alumni PO Drawer 1994, Cross City, FL 32628
John Driggers, Jr.   Dixie Horseman’s Assoc PO Box 2207, Cross City, FL 32628
Linda Fowler   Dixie Schools Food Service 815 SE 351 Hwy, Cross City, FL 32628
Chris Barber   Dixie Schools  Employee Contributions PO Box 2655, Cross City, FL 32628
Jody Stephenson   Dixie Soil & Water Conservation PO Box 37, Bronson, FL 32621
Michael Michaelis   Don Martin Insurance  8730 NW 173 Street, Fanning Springs, Florida 32693
Heather Smith   Drummond Community Bank PO Box 1150, Cross City, FL 32628  
Daniel Collins   Duke Energy 106 East College street, Tallahassee, FL 32301
Amy Parker Therapy Services  

EALM Scholarship

506 NW 526th Street, Cross City, Fl 32628
Katrina VanAernam   Eleanor Gross Memorial PO Box 2189 .,Cross City, Florida 32628
Arthur Bellot   Faith Baptist Church PO Box 787, Old Town, FL 32680
    Gilchrist Farm Bureau  306 W. Wade Street, Trenton, Fl 32693
Kimbo and Katrina VanAernam   Faye VanAernam Memorial 179 NE 86th Street, Cross City, Florida 32628
Frank Whitehead   Florida Cracker Seafood  15503 SW 351 Hwy, Horseshoe Bch, Fl 32648
Kelly Chaires    Forever 54 16334 SE Hwy 19, Cross City, Florida 32628
Penny Farris   Foundation of Florida Gateway College 149 SE College Place, Lake City, Fl 32025
Dale Joslin   Flying Hawk 26287 SE 19 Hwy, Old Town, FL 32680 
Lynda Greene   Floyd H. Greene  Memorial 224 NE 305 Avenue, Old Town, Florida 32680
Caresse Pridgeon   Frankie Pridgeon PO Box 982, Newberry, Fl 32669
Frank Darabi   Frank Darabi & Assoc PO Box 13741, Gainesville, FL 32604
Ben Colson   Farm Bureau Scholarship 306 West Wade St., Trenton, Florida 32693
Sue Chewning   Freddie Hires Memorial 1219 NE Hwy 351, Cross City, Florida 32628
Walter Freeman   Freeman Plumbing 664 NE 297 Avenue, Cross City, FL 32628
Emily Hatcher   Kristopher Pridgeon Memorial 738 NE 351 Hwy, Cross City, Florida 32628
Tom Galloway and Tommy Gilley   Galloway and Gilley Family Scholarship 152 SE 271st St, Cross City, FL 32628
Gene Tanner   Gene Tanner 11387 SW 139 St, Dunnellon, FL 34432
Lewis Dyals and Kelly Chaires   Lewis Glen Dyals  177 SE 905 St., Cross City, Florida 32628
Jo Ann Jones   Lloyd Jones Memorial 164 NE 217 Avenue, Cross City, Florida 32628
Todd Gray   Gray Culpepper Buildiers 222 West Wade St. Trenton, FL 32693
Linda Durrance    Henry & Rilla White Foundation 2833 Remington Green Circle, Tall., FL 32308
William Long and Rhoda Cannon   W. Long Logging PO Box 1014, Old Town, Florida 32680
Jay Easom   Jay Easom, LLC Scholarship PO Box 250, Dunnellon, FL 34431
Carrie Cobb   Jerry Hill Business Pursuits PO Box 1135, Cross City, Florida 32628
Pauline Mills   Jessica Standridge Memorial  7083 NE 349 Hwy, Old Town, FL 32680
Carol West   JMM Memorial Scholarship PO Box 790, Cross City, FL 32628
Beth Lambert and Susan Morgan    JoAnn Sheppard Memorial 294 SE 633 Street,Old Town, Florida 32680
Mickell and Dana Johnson   John  James Valentine  PO Box 2281, Cross City, FL 32628
Michael Osteen   John Obe and Pearl Osteen Memorial PO Drawer 1330, Cross City, FL 32628
Julia Floyd and Gene Higginbotham   CNA Medical Scholarship 275 Bayshore Blvd, Tampa, Florida 33606
Lee Layne   Joppa Lodge #4 293 Ne 502 St, Old Town, FL 32680

Dale and Jessica Swails

  Knothole Timber

15241 NW Hwy 19, Cross City, Florida 32628

Cheryl Howell   Korde Osteen Memorial 56 SW 385 Ave, Cross City, FL 32628
Amy Landrum   Kristofer Thomas Memorial PO Box 1262, Cross City, FL 32628
Jason Hurst and John Driggers   Little John Driggers and Jason Hurst PO Box 2132, Cross City, Fl 32628
Connie Land Family   Mary Ellen Cassidy Memorial

237  NE 705 street, Old Town, Florida 32680

Mickell and Dana Cannon   Martha Johnson

PO Box 2281,Cross City, FL 32628

Stephanie Holifield   Mario Leon Memorial PO Box 2563, Cross City, FL 32628
Mark and Sherrey Hatch   Mark and Sherrey Hatch PO Box 1273, Cross City, Fl 32628
Maureen Cravey   Matt Cravey Memorial Old Town, Florida 32680
Jodi Spurlin   Matthew and  Mac Odom and Spurlin Memorial 1412 2nd Avenue N Steinhatchee, FL 32359
Amanda Hires   Max and Rubys Foundation 64 SE 33 avenue, Cross City, Florida 32628
Michael Osteen   Michael Osteen, P.A. PO Drawer 1330, Cross City, FL 32628
Angie Land   New Life Pregnacy Center Cross City, Florida 32628
Andrew Rains   Nature Coast Insurance PO Drawer 520, Chiefland, FL 32644
Michelle Fowler   Michelle Fowler Cannon Scholarship PO Box 5040, Cross City, FL 32628
Jason Jones, Minister   New Prospect Baptist Church PO Box 1346, Cross City, Florida 32628
Nick Collins   Nick Collins Foundation PO Box 698, Gotha, FL 34734
    Quit Doc Foundation/SWAT PO Box 75, Trenton, Florida 32693
John Sherrill   Quicken Manufacturing, Inc 16454 SE Hwy 19, Cross City, Florida 32628
Messina   Parrish and McCall Construction PO Box 142002, Gainesville, FL 32614
Paul Gainey   Paul Gainey Family Scholarship PO Box 1205, Cross City, Florida 32628
Paul Stresing   Paul Stresing & Assoc 14617 Main St., Alachua, FL 32615
John Jenkins   Ray Jenkins Memorial PO Box 569, Cross City, FL 32628  
Robbie and Tracy Lee   Robbie/Tracy Lee Family 150 SE 265, Cross City, Floorida 32628
Brandon and Sarah Ross   Brandon Ross Family 458 SE 623rd St. Steinhatchee, Florida 32359
PJ Hope   Royal Temple COGHIC PO Box 1527, Cross City, FL 32628
Hermon and Virginia Sanchez   Sanchez Farms 479 NE 446 Street, Old Town, FL 32680
Debbie Dewesse   Sam Futch Memorial PO Box 460, Cross City, FL 32628

Sammy Royal Family

  Sea Tow Horseshoe

PO Box 32, Horseshoe, Florida 32628

Jennifer George   Shannah George Scholarship PO Box 2093, Cross City, Fl 32628
Cody Lord   Scrub Creek Baptist Church

4131 SE 55A, Old Town, FL 32680

Thomas Varnes   Shamrock Masonic Lodge Cross City, Florida 32628
Dewey Hatcher   Sheriff Dewey H. Hatcher, Sr. PO Box 247, Cross City, FL 32628
David Downing/Showers of Blessing Water Treatment   Showers of Blessings Scholarship 24347 SE Hwy 19, Old Town, Florida 32680
Larry and Shannon Smith   Smith Asset Management, LLC 322 East Park Avenue, Chiefland, FL 32628
Larry and Shannon Smith   Smith and Smith Law Firm 322 East Park Avenue, Chiefland, FL 32628
Daryl E. Ratterree, Commander   Sons of Confederate Veterans (OT) PO Box 1877. Cross City, Florida 32628
Joe D, White   Steinhatchee American Legion 291 PO Box 484, Steinhatchee, Florida 32359
 Star Ridgeway   Steinhatchee AARP PO Box 1058, Steinhatchee, FL 32359
    Steinhatchee Beta Sigma Phi-Theta Chi PO Box 234, Steinhatchee, FL 32359
    Steinhatchee Comm Projects PO Box 736, Steinhatchee, FL 32359
Jody Stephenson   Stephenson Septic Company 591 NE 831 Avenue, Old Town, FL 32680
  Larry Barnett   Sons of American Legion PO Box 284, Steinhatchee, FL 32359
Patel   Subway of CC PO Box 1569, Cross City, FL 32628
Dickert   Suwannee Lumber-Dickert PO Box 5090, Cross City, FL 32628

Cindy Helton,

Executive Director

  Suncoast Credit Union Foundation 

6801 E. Hillsborought Avenue MK001

Tampa, Florida 33610

Starlet Cannon   Supervisor of Elections PO Box 1437, Old Town, Florida 32680
Faircloth   Suwannee Lumber-Faircloth PO Box 5090, Cross City, FL 32628
Lee Layne   Suwannee River AMVETS 422 17313 NW 19 Hwy, Fanning Springs, Fl 32693
Carol West/Chris Parr   Suwannee River Chamber PO Box 332 Suwannee, FL 32692
Shannon Lee and Glorianna Cherry   Tangles Salon and Spa 16340 SE 19 Hwy, Cross City, Florida
Cynthia Munkittrick   Thomas Munkittrick Memorial Technical PO  Box 2, Suwannee, Florida 32692
Tracy Mills   Tracy Mills PO Box 688, Old Town, Florida 32680
Melissa    Tri County Alliance Medical PO Box 1097, Chiefland, Fl 32622
John Peach   Weston and Reid Peach Scholarship PO Drawer 272, Jasper, FL 32052
Larry and Vicky Van Dyke   VanDyke in Memory of Charlsie Boyd 8851 NE 166 Place., Fanning Springs, Fl 32693
The VanAernam Family   VanAernam Timber PO Box 2189, Cross City, Florida 32628
WC Mills   WC Mills  PO Box 688, Old Town, Florida 32680
William Long   W. Long Logging PO Box 1014, Old Town, Florida 32680
Mark Rains and Rita Rains   William Arthur (Bill) Rains

16077 NE 19 Hwy.,    Cross City, Fl 32628